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3 Days of Carbo Loading…

Tonight is the KR Urbanite Run.

Day 1
Some Takbo.Ph peeps had their CLP last thursday, 08.13.2009 at Joey Peppe’s (The Fort). I wasn’t able to join them as it was my sister’s bday. I just thought that since my sister will be making bake mac, I’d rather have a CLP with the family and eat at home na lang.

Downed 3 plates of Bake Mac + 2 slices of Cake + 1 liter of Iced Tea.

Day 2
08.14.2009, it’s my eldest son’s birthday. My wife bought pancit bilao and pork barbeque at Amber’s and cake at Goldilocks.

Downed 2 cups of rice + 2 servings of pancit + 2 pork barbeque + 2 slices of Cake + 1 liter of H2O.

Day 3
08.15.2009, no birthdays. Had lunch at the newly opened AlphaLand “mall”, which is near to where I work. We ate at the Mang Inasal restaurant.

Downed 3.5 cups of rice + 1/2 chicken + Iced Tea.

Carbo loaded…. *burp*

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