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Exercising Our Hearts

Team 5 Voltes 5!!!
Emi, Elsa, Joy, Alex, Me, Jean, Rodel
(not in pic: Nolan, Ley, Tina, Dess)

There is no better exercise
for your heart
Than reaching down
and helping
to lift someone up.

— Bernard Meltzer

July 25, 2010 was an extra-ordinary day. It was the day where altruism was shown at its best. Team Boring did not run the Takbo.Ph RunFest. No, we did not boycott the race. We just felt that the event was the right time to give back to something that we all love.

Team Boring was early at the venue… in fact as early as 12AM. We were that early to run the 5K route of the race… para hindi kami gaano ma-inggit sa mga runners.
After we finished our 5K run and certified it as exact (naks!), we then waited for the volunteers of each team.
To Team 5 volunteers who came…

Alex Aquino, Nolan Ariola, Dess Coral, Rodel Eugenio, Emi Flores, Ley Gripal, Tina Narvaez, Elsa Rubias, Jean Serafica, Joy Vargas.
You made our tasks easier… Kahit may na-late… what matters most is that you all came. Hindi biro ang gumising ng maaga para mag-traffic… kung hindi dahil sa inyo, baka hilong-talilong ako kahit kapiranggot lang yun area natin
and to the other Teams and volunteers…
Thank You!!!
To Takbo.Ph and LeadPack (Jinoe, Doc Lyndon & Ian)… Congratulations for a successful RunFest!!! Maraming Salamat po!

Till next race…
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