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I Ran Barefoot! Woot!

I’ve been toying the idea of running barefoot for quite some time. And when the MILO Apex coach told us to run 35mins around the BGC loop, I removed my shoes and ran barefoot.

Good thing that it was dark and not many noticed that I ran carrying my shoes.

1st loop was bliss as I was feeling everything. The asphalt, the cement, the sand, the stones, the road…

2nd loop, I felt something like a small rock got stuck on the balls of my right foot. But I ignored it hoping that it will eventually fall off.

3rd loop, felt the same thing on my left foot.

And on the 4th and final loop, I realized that what I was feeling on my feet was hot spots brewing.

All in all, the experience was very very good.

I just need to add more mileage and grow callous.

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