03.25.12 – FIC RUN 2012 (BGC)


MARCH 25, 2012


500m FOX Costume Run | Php 150
3K STAR Movies Lifestyle Run | Php 550 
5K STAR Movies Lifestyle Run | Php 650 
10K NATIONAL Geographic Run | Php 750 

RIOVANA, Katipunan
ATHLETE’S FOOT, Robinson’s Galleria

visit www.runrio.com for more details

WAIT!!!! Don’t close it yet… more race details below!!! 
Also check out my first DKK (Dagdag Kaalaman Korner) at the bottom. 😉

Fox International Channels (FIC) provides a bit of each TV channel’s flavor and a whole lot of fun in the FIC Fun Run on March 25, 2012 at the Bonifacio Global City. Participants can play dress up, *hobnob with celebrities and support a worthy cause.
The event gives runners the opportunity to choose and participate in any of the four races organized by FIC featuring different lifestyle themes representing its four key channels. It will have four race categories that include an advocacy marathon run aimed at raising funds to support the various projects of partner non-government organizations (NGOs).
Participants may register in the 500m Fox Costume Run, 3K Star Movies Blockbuster Run, 5K Star World Lifestyle and the 10K Nat Geo Run For a Cause. Those who are interested to join may register either via online or phone, at RunRio stores (BHS and Katipunan) and event partner stores. Each race (except for the 500m) category has its own singlet design.
Come dressed in your favorite character and run alongside fellow enthusiasts and sponsor mascots in the 500m Fox Costume Run. Fifty runners in costume will compete and make a dash for the finish line. Limited edition Fox DVD will be raffled off after the race.

Star Movies rolls out the red carpet for movie aficionados in the 3K Star Movies Lifestyle Run where writers, film producers and movie directors are expected to show their support to the event. For a bit of a movie trivia and a tad of inspiration, popular quotes from movie characters will be setup along the course. A home entertainment system is up for grabs in the raffle draw.

According  to the print at back of the singlet…
you can be a PRODUCER, a WRITER, a DIRECTOR!

Run with *panache – this is the battle cry of lovers of fashion and fitness when they run the 5K Star World Lifestyle Run featuring a red carpet along the route to mimic the paparazzi scene. Brush elbows with models, celebrities and other prominent personalities expected to show up in their running shoes. If you’re feeling lucky, you might just bring home gift certificates for a shopping spree at the end of the race.


Have fun while reaching out to others in the 10K National Geographic Run for a Cause. The race is in partnership with 10 select non-government organizations and seeks to raise awareness for their respective advocacies. Among the partner NGOs are Physicians for Peace, ICANSERVE Foundation, Virlanie, Greenpeace, Philippine Red Cross, Habitat for Humanity, World Vision and Gawad Kalinga. The first 500 registrants will compete in the name of their advocacy.

——————————- END OF ARTICLE ——————————-

DKK – Dagdag Kaalaman Korner
words below are found in the article. these are words that caught my attention and in my own opinion are rarely used . word definitions are taken from http://www.thefreedictionary.com
  • hobnob [ˈhɒbˌnɒb]
    • vb -nobs, -nobbing, -nobbed (intr; often foll by with)
    • “Participants can play dress up, HOBNOB with celebrities and support a worthy cause.”
    • 1. to socialize or talk informally
    • 2. Obsolete to drink (with)
    • [from hob or nob to drink to one another in turns, hence, to be familiar, ultimately from Old English habban to have + nabban not to have]
  • panache [pəˈnæʃ -ˈnɑːʃ]
    • n
    • “Run with PANACHE
    • 1. a dashing manner; style; swagger he rides with panache
    • 2. (Clothing & Fashion) a feathered plume on a helmet
    • [via French from Old Italian pennacchio, from Late Latin pinnāculum feather, from Latin pinna feather; compare Latin pinnāculum pinnacle]
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