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Finding An Alternate Sport After An ACL Injury

After I teared my right ACL last May, I never attempted to run or join a single race…

I am that scared. Scared that I might aggravate my injury. But now that the swelling is completely gone, I’m trying to walk my “normal” walk.

If you know me personally or have seen me walk. My “normal” walk is about 11-15mpk. Although I’m more careful now. Before, I don’t care even if I accidentally step on a hole or sprain my ankle a bit.

But since I can’t “run”, I decided to re-learn swimming. Yes, re-learn. I first learned to swim when I was small. I grew up near the Manila bay and I learned to swim in the ocean because of my grandfather who was a fisherman.

Now why re-learn swimming… 2 years back, a friend of mine saw me swimming in a lap pool. After my first lap, my friend told me that my swimming style is “langoy dagat”. Curious, I watched him swim. I didn’t see anything different from my swim… Except that his was more relaxed.

June 2012, my ultrarunner and aspiring triathlete friend Jet taught me basics of TI (Total Immersion) swimming. It was hard at first since I’m trying to erase from my system the “langoy dagat” swim. And after 2 sessions and me watching TI instructions in Youtube (there are tons of TI videos in youtube), I can now swim 500meters continously.

But there’s still a lot to learn. Thanks to Jet for the free TI instructions and Mayor CJ for the free swim entrance at the Pasay Complex.

For now, I’m happy that I have an alternate sport as I can’t “run” yet. And I think this injury is somewhat a blessing in disguise as I was forced to embrace swimming once again.

And hopefully, keeping fingers crossed I’ll be able to join IM 70.3 in 2013.

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