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Hey Heart Rate! Slow down!!!

anyare sa kin? sino ako?

Your heart is a muscle that circulates blood through your system. Each heartbeat is a contraction that pushes blood out to oxygenate your tissues. When you exercise, your muscles demand more oxygen to create energy to keep working. Your heart rate increases to supply freshly oxygenated blood to your muscles quickly so they can meet the demands of exercise. – http://www.livestrong.com/

Ever since my Garmin conked out last year, I’ve been running without a GPS (Global Positioning System) / HRM (Heart Rate Monitor). Between the two functions (GPS & HRM), what I find more important to have is the HRM. But if you don’t have an HRM on hand, here are tips from the The Survival Doctor that might be useful while you’re in the middle of a disaster or on a long hike, and suddenly you feel a little faint. Or maybe you feel butterflies in your chest.

You check your pulse, and it’s going really fast. Since your pulse is an extension of your heart, that means your heart rate is also fast. Now, what do you do?

Until you can get medical help:

1. Sit down if you can.

3 hours na ako nakaupo dito, di pa din sya bumabalik…

2. Check your pulse rate. If it’s going at a speed of 100–110, and it’s at a regular rate (maybe a few skips) you could be just overtired or nervous. Sit or lie there for a few minutes and try to relax. Dehydration, fever, and anemia can cause the heart to beat fast like this also.

3 hrs na ang nakalipas, sana nakahalata na sya…

3. If you think it’s (supraventricular tachycardia) SVT, get your heart rate down. Until you can get medical help there are a few things you can try to kick it back into a normal, safer, more-efficient rate. All of these stimulate your vagus nerve (which has direct connections to your heart) and help control the rhythm. After each “vagal maneuver,” check the pulse to see if your heart rate has slowed.

a. Valsalva maneuver

Hold your breath and bear down in a strain (like if you’re constipated and straining to have a bowel movement). Do this for five seconds, then breathe. This changes the pressure in your chest and therefore in the big blood vessels in it. That fools your body into thinking your heart should slow down. If the pulse hasn’t slowed, try again. Another way to do the Valsalva maneuver is to stick a finger in your throat and gag yourself.

Here’s a video on how to do the Valsava Maneuver.

b. Carotid maneuver

Find your carotid pulse just below your jaw. The vagus nerve runs next to it. Massage very firmly for five seconds. Warning: In rare cases this could knock off a piece of a blood clot lodged in this area and cause a stroke. Don’t do this in elderly people or anyone with a history of a stroke.

c. Ice-water facial

A little odd, I know, but if you have cold water (preferably ice water,) dip your face in it a few seconds. This stimulates your vagus nerve to slow your heart by causing what’s known as the dive reflex. It’s the same reflex that helps some people survive for a long time under cold water by slowing the body’s metabolism down.

If you are in a race and you suddenly feel that your heart rate is shooting… I suggest that you stop and sit for a while. Or if you still can, approach the nearest medic or marshal and tell your concerns. Forget targeting a PR or finishing the race, there are still a lot of races to join. 😉

  1. May 30, 2013 at 11:12 am

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    • June 6, 2013 at 7:21 am

      thanks for the tip. will try celery. 🙂


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