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June 1 is World Milk Day!

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June 1 is World Milk Day! As the leading milk company in the Philippines that provides Filipino families superior and affordable nutrition, Alaska Milk Corporation spearheads the celebration of World Milk Day in the country.

The Alaska World Milk Day provides a great opportunity to reinforce importance of drinking milk and healthy lifestyle and bring it at the forefront of consumer awareness. And with the series of exciting activities lined up for the World Milk Day, Alaska Milk encourages children and adults alike to get into the habit of drinking milk and engage into sports activities to achieve optimum health.
Allow us to share with you some alarming health problems. Nutrition disorders such as malnutrition and obesity are particularly rampant with children. They interfere with the child’s growth and development which could lead to serious health problems. Based on a 2008 survey of the World Health Organization (WHO), more than one in ten adults are obese. Obesity and being overweight are the fifth leading risk for global deaths. And what is alarming is that even children are experiencing overweight issues as nearly 43 million children are overweight based 2010 WHO data.

June 2013 marks the milestone of the first-ever Alaska World Milk Day. Various exciting activities are lined-up to celebrate and promote good health! The celebration kicks off on June 1 at 6:30am with the Alaska IronKids Run Race in SM Mall Of Asia (IMAX Parking Area). There will also be an Alaska World Milk Day Sampling in Glorietta Malls from 10am to 10pm. June 9 is the Alaska World Milk Day Family Run where participants can race at 3k, 5k, 10k. In all events, there will be the Alaska milk moustache photo shoot where everyone is invited to participate in.
The Alaska World Milk Day celebrations were made possible by Ayala Malls, Solar Sports, Basketball TV, Solar News, Akari nxled, Glorietta, Gatorade and Downy.


UltraSWIM for CARA Welfare Philippines

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Hanna Sanchez is a Filipina triathlete from Team Endure will swim 900 laps on June 15 to raise funds for the benefit of CARA Welfare Philippines.

CARA is a group of animal-loving professionals who are determined to help the abandoned and abused animals to give them the lives they rightfully deserve. It is a non-profit, non-government organization with this mission:

* educate the public on animal welfare * promote compassion for animals and responsible pet ownership * address animal cruelty and abuse * effectively control street animal overpopulation

UltraSWIM for CARA Welfare Philippines June 15, 2013 YMCA Binondo

The ultra swim event will happen at YMCA Binondo on June 15, from 7am to 8pm. Interested people can either donate any fixed amount or pledge per lap (at least a peso per lap).

First fill up the pledge form -> Click Here

Second, deposit donations on the following bank accounts of CARA:

Philippine Peso (PHP) Account # 3191-0467-05 CARA Welfare Philippines Bank of the Philippine Islands Atrium Branch, Makati City

Dollar (USD) Account # 3124-0417-66Swift # bopiphmm CARA Welfare Philippines,Bank of the Philippine Islands, Atrium Branch, Makati City

Last, email the pledge form, along with the deposit slip to

For the complete event details, they can visit CARA’s Facebook event page:

06.08.13 | AyalaLand’s EXPLORAC Invitational Trail Run

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JUNE 08, 2013




For more information, please visit


Explorac Trail Run offers 11k and 22k rough terrain. Trail run will start at Ayala’s Visitor Center and will end at the Ayala Nature Park. The course has a flat to hilly terrain and majority of it is hard surface. The trail features wet/dry river bed, it not all, are heavily silted by mudflow due to Mt. Pinatubo eruption way back 1991 and succeeding lahar flows. In some areas, moderate steep climb will be experienced along the rough terrain portion and huge lahar track will potentially challenge your trail running skills. Opportunity like running under the SCTEX bridge and passing through beside waterfalls are a few of the scenery that the trail offers. Rise and Shine as your explore Porac through trail running.

06.09.13 | Alaska World Milk Day Run

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World Milk Day is celebrated annually in many countries worldwide, providing an opportunity to focus attention on milk as a global food central to health and well-being across cultures and nations, and to highlight the contributions connected with milk and the overall dairy industry. To celebrate this, Alaska will have a running event with four (4) categories: 3KM, 3KM Family, 5KM and 10KM.


JUNE 09, 2013



  • 10KM – Php 700
  • 5KM – Php 600
  • 3KM – Php 500
  • 3KM (Family) – Php 1,200


  • 10KM – 4:00AM – 5:00AM
  • 5KM – 5:00AM – 6:00AM
  • 3KM – 5:30AM – 6:30AM

REGISTRATION SITE (on-going till June 7, 2013)







ALASKA IronKids Philippines 2013

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Last May 19, 2013, I was fortunate to be invited by Alaska Milk Corporation to cover the Aquathlon event at the Ateneo de Manila Grade School.

I’m a father and I consider myself as athletic. Good thing my kids are also active in sports. My daughter is into cheerdancing (sports ba yun? :p), my eldest son is into swimming, my two younger boys are into basketball. They have joined a number of fun runs too, though not in competitive mode.. yet. 😉



Kids as young as 6 years old compete in an Aquathlon (Swim-Run) event. Although there were some  kids who swam like there’s no tomorrow, there are also those who just enjoyed the event. After all, they are kids.


Parents show their support to their kids


I think the parents were more tensed… =D


Coach Annie, giving instructions to participants. (Photo by Photo-Ops)



At the finish line




181279_520117601380806_1235089054_n Winners with their medals, loot bags and teddy bears!

 Hopefully, I’ll have my kids join the next Alaska IronKids event. I’ve been talking to my eldest son to train again before he turns 15 so that he could qualify. Keeping fingers crossed, we’ll see him in action soon. 😉

RUGBY 101 | PH vs UAE

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All along I thought that the game of Rugby was like American Football minus the protective gears. But when I watched the game of the Philippine National Rugby Team aka the Philippine Volcanoes vs UAE last May 18, 2013 at the Rizal Memorial Stadium in Manila, I was introduced to Rugby 101.


Before the game started

It was fun to experience and watch our Philippine National Rugby Team battle it out with the team from UAE. As I watch the game, I realized that even though rugby is a very physical sport, it’s also a gentleman’s game. The man with the ball is always the target and get’s the beating. But I never saw anyone threw a punch or took a cheap-shot against the opposing player.


Photo courtesy of Art Mendoza


With Blogger friends Banjo, Rikki and Vimz (Photo courtesy of Art Mendoza)

The Volcanoes scored a big 24-8 win in front of the hometown crowd and gave them the Top 5 division of the tournament. It was a good win for the Volcanoes coming from defeats  against Japan, Hong Kong and South Korea.


Me with 4 of the Volcanoes (Photo courtesy of Art Mendoza)

Thank you to Fila Philippines for the invite to experience and watch the game live!


Fila Philippines, the official outfitter of the Philippine Rugby Team (Photo courtesy of Art Mendoza)


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What is better than playing against one of the best football clubs in the world? Being trained by them.

Never in a million years did they thought that they will be able to see the world’s #1 ranked football club, FCBarcelona, in action, much less interact with them. But these promising young football talents from Tondo did just that and more. Thanks to the sponsorship of Alaska Milk Corporation, the five Futkaleros— Champ Cyrus Wico, Jonas Lorens Lavarias, John David Espiritu, Maria Rochel Mendaňo, and Roger Batiugas—were able to train under the FCBarcelona coaches Jordi Blanco and Jose Moratalla during the FCBEscola Philippines Barcelona Soccer Camp for the youth, a sports workshop that did not only aim to teach Filipino kids the rudiments and techniques in the game but also share with them the FCBarcelona values of teamwork and hard work.


“Alaska has been there from the very start, even at that time when football was not very popular. It has been supporting the grassroots development of the sport and in training players. The annual Alaska Cup, is in fact, the biggest cup in the country, with thousands of players in a single day. So we were not surprised that Alaska lent their support to this project,” says Michael Reyes, organizer of the camp and Team Socceroo’s captain.

Training under World’s Best
Excitement lit up the eyes of the five Futkaleros as they showed their moves to the coaches. They believe that the camp is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to improve their game, learn some new skills and incorporate a new strategy into their play.According to Reyes, the style of the Futkaleros is more freestyle. “I have seen them play and their commitment to the game is impressive. I know that they practice every day. They’re fast. They’re agile. Participating in the camp will help them develop their play more.”

What kids will take away from the five-day camp is not just technique but the values: that football is not about winning but in playing your best and playing with your team. Steven Chua, Operations Director for FCBEscola Asia Pacific, relates, “I remembered a FCBarcelona camp in Singapore that we organized. After the camp, I asked one of the kids what he learned. He told me he learned the reasons why he has to move here, why he has to make a pass. Before, he just does it because he has to without even knowing why. He also learned that football is not about winning but playing the game.”

More than a hundred kids, 6 to 14 years old, signed up for the camp held recently at the Alabang Country Club. They did not even mind the extra-ordinarily hot day, showing off their skills on the field, all of them eager to train under the very best in the world. World famous players Xavi Hernandez, Andres Iniesta and Lionel Messi were all products of FCBEscola

Built not as important as technique
According to the organizers, the Futkaleros have the typical Filipino built, which unlike basketball, is suited to football. Filipinos are not as tall as other kids but they compensate with their incredible speed and agility. FCBarcerlona has members who have similar built but are still able to excel. In football, built is not as important as technique.

“The style of football of FCBarcelona is the ‘most fit’ and ‘most matched’ [style] with Filipinos. They do not rely on size. In other sports, if you are big, you’d be a better player. In football, we rely more on technique, the passing, how the team plays. FCBarcelona’s style of football is not very individualistic. It emphasizes team play,” says Nicholas Reyes, FCBEscola camp organizer.

Wanted: Healthy body, good attitude and passion
There is also no age requirement, just a healthy body, good attitude and passion for the sport. Reyes emphasized good nutrition at an early age “as this will give children an edge in the sport.” Both exercise and proper dietare essential, especially to the significant number of Filipino kids, who have been found to suffer from undernutrition and overweight problems (National Nutrition Survey of FNRI-DOST, 2008). It is recommended that they eat a balanced set of meals and do more physical activity, which Alaska Milk Corporation has been advocating through their sports programs.

For more information, log on to and