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Alaska IronKids Run Event


It’s good to be a kid!  Better if you are an active kid! And best if you are an Alaska IronKid!


Alaska IronKids Run Race Thropies

Last June 1, I watched young kids aged 6 to 14 years old compete in the Alaska IronKids Run Race event that happened at the SM Mall Of Asia grounds. I saw kids who have the makings of an elite athlete.


At the starting line of the 8-10 age category

I was also fortunate to talk to Coach “Ringo” Borlain, father of elite kid Tara Borlain (poster kid of Alaska IronKids).

Coach Borlain was my P.E. professor back in college. (Don’t ask the year, baka ipitin ako ng biceps ni Coach… hehehe.) We had a long talk (I’ll ask permission if I can write most of it), but in essence Coach Borlain said that it’s great that Alaska came up with these kind of events only for kids.

Coach Borlain also said not to put pressure on kids and let them enjoy. Although Tara, I think is in another level. I even heard her say that she wasn’t able to beat her target time. And this coming from the first placer on her age category! I can see from her face that she was disappointed. But when Coach Borlain hugged and told her that she did great, Tara beamed with a smile (sayang di ko nakunan ng picture).


Tara, before crossing the finish line

Next event for Alaska IronKids will be on June 30 (Aquathlon), Aug 3 (Triathlon) and Oct 20 (Triathlon). For more information please check out http://ironkidsphil.com/2013/

And now, more pictures from the event!











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