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Of Incessant Complaining (IC), Indirect Bullying (IB) & Ass-Kissing (AK)

This would have been a long post. But after having my fix of a solo run earlier, I decided to trim it down and try to be direct to the point.


Incessantadj. continuing without interruption; unending: an incessant noise.
Complainingadj. expressing pain or dissatisfaction of resentment.

Don’t ICs ever get tired of complaining? I mean, ICs complain the same issues over and over. Issues of long lines, loot bag contents, too many people, high registration fees, etc…STFU

I’ll try to help and explain how ICs can somehow address these “issues”.

  • Long Lines – Position yourself in front. Then make sure that you finish and make it to the top 10. Simple ‘di ba?
  • Loot Bag Contents – Next time, don’t join a race. Spend your “registration fee” money in buying groceries. Di ka pa pagod. Sabi nga ni kapatid na Ronnel Go, “naka-aircon ka pa”.
  • Too Many People – If you don’t want to see many people, again, don’t join a race. Dun ka lang sa inyo.
  • High Registration Fees – Organize your own race. With just P50 or even lower as registration fee. Kahit 5K lang.

Tip for ICs. Four words… THE-ROAD-IS-FREE


characterized by threatening the victim into social isolation. This isolation is achieved through a wide variety of techniques, including: spreading gossip, lies, rumors, name-calling, silent treatment…

IBs usually starts with name calling and attempts to get others “agree” to an issue (almost always a negative one) wherein the subject of the issue is nowhere in sight.

I’ll focus on the name-calling. The following is what I hear (and see in FB) from the IBs… Kulot, Kalbo, Bokal, Tanda, Taba, Payat, Tangkad, Negro, the list goes on.

When you say “Kulot”, we already have an idea who “Kulot” is. No harm done, you might say. But add “Hoy” or “Itong si” and raise the tone of your voice. Iba na ang dating di ba?

I’m “Kalbo” or Bald in English. I’ve accepted and embraced my “Baldness”. But not just because I’m comfortable with me being Bald, doesn’t give you the right to call me “Kalbo”.


catnoun Slang: Vulgar. the practice or an instance of attempting to curry favor by the excessive use of compliments, praise, or the like.

This will be short… AKs sometimes doesn’t even want a favor. In the FB world AKs publicly praises “known people” in the community, and usually gets a “high” when these “known people” click the like button of their comments/status or “agree” with them.

It goes up another level when this AK is also an IC and an IB.

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    August 4, 2013 at 8:16 am



  2. deemenrunner
    August 4, 2013 at 7:14 pm

    kaya pala nung open ko nawala ung post. may mga modifications pa pala. may isa pa tayong kilalang AK. hehe! nice post, paps! short and direct!


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