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During my long runs, I normally put 1.5L of sports drink on my hydration bag and carry two (2) bottles of water. But last weekend, I tried something new. I ditched the bottles, carry my hydration bag filled with water and packed two (2) sachets of the new ACTIVE HEALTH SPORTS GEL (AH Sports Gel).



I rarely follow directions on labels, as I always use gut feel while running. But for this one I made an exemption. At least for the “Consume 1 sachet 10-15 minutes before activity” part.

Well… I skipped that part on the direction that says, “then every 30-45 minutes during activity”. I consumed my second sachet after running (and walking) for two hours. As I wanted to experience how long will the “effect” of the AH Sports Gel wear down before I take another one.


#Selfie #AH #SportsGel =p

Surprisingly, after covering 25km with just water and two (2) sachets of AH Sports Gel, I did not feel tired or sluggish. It must have worked!

My verdict :

  • AH Sports Gel will give you the right amount of “kick” for that additional energy for your run
  • AH Sports Gel is not too sweet. I tried the Berry Mix flavor during my run.
  • AH Sports Gel is a more practical solution and convenient to take during long runs. Just put it in your pocket or back-pack, then run!

Note : AH Sports Gel need to be taken with water so that they digest properly


ACTIVE HEALTH SPORTS GEL will be launched at Run United Philippine Marathon 2013. ACTIVE HEALTH SPORTS GEL is manufactured and distributed by UNILAB, the same company that brought us Enervon Activ.

  1. gudelia
    October 1, 2013 at 9:35 am

    excited to try this!


    • October 3, 2013 at 12:39 am

      if you’ll be running at RUPM this weekend, organizers will be giving samples. 🙂


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