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Taking a break from running

Yes, I am taking a temporary break from running. Well… technically, I don’t really run on races. I’m more of a walker. And a fast one at that.

I’m not kidding. I walk fast.

It’s been more than a week since my last race (10/26 Rexona Run 2014). In all of my long runs above 10K, I always challenge myself to finish races with minimal or no running. You may ask why? Well, I can’t maintain a run pace from start to finish. But I know I can maintain a fast walk pace.

How fast is my walk pace? Let’s just say, my “normal” walk pace is around 14km/hr. And by “normal”, I mean outside of races.

But after the unfortunate incident last Oct 26, I am now forcing myself to walk slow. I am now afraid to do my “normal” walk because I fear that my heart rate (HR) might act up again.

Below are the splits, dist and ave pace from the starting line upto km 15 of the Rexona Run 2014 where i stopped to declare DNF from the race.


That’s all walk. I tried to maintain a steady pace even while going up the flyovers in Roxas Blvd.

Now, I have to slow down. And I envy those people I see who run around the BGC area.

But, I’ll be back. I’ve been here before, and I’ve bounced back.

Not even a torn ACL kept me from finishing a few ultras. 😉

See you on the road…


Big Thank you! to the Medics of RunRio during the Rexona Run 2014 race. I’d love to finish the race, but my health and safety is more important.

and a BIGGER THANK YOU to BOO TOLEDO for being my “guardian angel” during that moment. Hart! Hart! :p

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