Since 1974, the National MILO® Marathon has energized champions and continues to inspire millions more in what is now known as the biggest, grandest and most prestigious running event in the country. Winners, crowned MILO® Marathon King and Queen, are granted the privilege to represent the country in top international marathon events. Participants from all walks of life are able to help inspire underprivileged children to reach for their dreams through the HELP GIVE SHOES advocacy. Decade after decade, the National MILO® Marathon will always help the Filipino people in building a nation of champions.

(source : https://www.milo.com.ph/events/milomarathon)

And this 2019, MILO® presents to you the National MILO® Marathon race schedule.


For more details about the race (dates, fees, inclusions, finisher’s entitlements, rules & regulations), please visit https://www.milo.com.ph/events/milomarathon