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Meet & Greet PIOLO PASCUAL | 08.05.12 @ Ayala Center Cebu

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01.22.12 – TIMEX RUN 2012

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Good Housekeeping Family Fun Run!

Families and dogs spent a fun-filled morning at the
Good Housekeeping Family Fun Run!

Family bonding has never been this fun! Parents, children and even dogs enjoyed the first-ever Good Housekeeping Family Fun Run that happened last April 3, Sunday at the Manila Ocean Park.

Hundreds of families–including pet dogs!—participated in the different race categories. Kids enjoyed the 100-meter dash, while pet lovers teamed up with their dogs for the 1k run with obstacles. Parents ran with their kids in the 3k run and helped each other with the fun obstacles. Kids and adults alike also joined the 5k open run. Finishers enjoyed the different booths at the venue, like a pet-grooming station for dogs, inflatable and face painting for kids, photobooth for the whole family, and many more fun activities at the event.

Dog lovers were also in for a treat as Summit Media launched its first-ever publication dedicated to man’s best friend, Good Dog. A quarterly publication featuring everything you need to know about owning a dog, Good Dog is bundled with the April issue of Good Housekeeping. Every time Good Dog is bundled with Good Housekeeping (months of April, July, October, and December), the magazine will be priced at P125.

Hosted by RX 93.1 deejay Chico Garcia, the Good Housekeeping Family Fun Run was co-presented by Sangobion, made possible by major sponsors Robinsons Department Store and Sarangani Bay Bangus, official food sponsor Bow Wow by Handyman, official water sponsor GE Water, official venue sponsor Manila Ocean Park, official time sponsor Timex, and minor sponsors 3M, Aeromed, Curves, Farlin, Holy Seat, iPaw, Lottle, Nail-a-holics, Pocari Sweat and Red Ribbon. Special thanks to media partners Magic 89.9 and RX 93.1.

The April issue of Good Housekeeping features Christine Bersola-Babao on the cover and comes with your copy of the maiden issue of Good Dog. Both are available in newsstands, bookstores, and supermarkets nationwide for only P125.

What’s in the box??? (The Opening)

December 1, 2009 7 comments

The “box” arrived last friday, 11.27.2009.

Excited and nervous at the same time. I think I heard the angels sing when I opened the box.


I already used it last Saturday, 11.28.2009 and at the NB race last 11.29.2009. And boy do I like it!!!

A running buddy (RuBu) saw the new toy…
RuBu: I thought, TIMEX was a sister company?
Rod : Yup… eh may mabait na nag-abot ng GARMIN eh. Hindi ko tinanggihan. =D

Wait… parang may laman pa yun box… hmnnn….

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TIMEX RUN Photo Contest

November 11, 2009 5 comments
Here’s a challenge to all running and photography enthusiasts…


I. Eligibility

1) The contest is open to both amateur and professional photographers.

2) All entries must be taken during the competition period and must be published. Participants may use any digital or film-based camera. Entries must be printed in full color on any brand of photo paper in 8R size (8 inches x 10 inches).

3) Manually retouched and/or painted over print outputs are not allowed. Digital retouching on density, contrast adjustments, minor cropping, burning, and dodging may be tolerated, although major manipulation of main images through adding or subtracting are not allowed

4) Creative effects done within the camera at the time of exposure e.g. multiple exposures, flash fill, lighting, filtration, etc. are allowed.

5) Multiple entries are allowed. Participant may only win once and will take the higher prize.

II. Criteria for Judging

25% Impact
• The photo clearly captures the attention of the viewer

25% Creativity
• Originality, freshness of approach

25% Composition
• A pleasing balance exists among all components of the composition

25% Print quality
• The absence of blemishes, scratches, overly enlarged and pixilation

Total 100%

III. Breakdown of prizes

1st – P 5,000 + Timex Watch

2nd – P 3,000 + Timex Watch

3rd – P 2,000 + Timex Watch

4th and 5th – Timex Watch consolation Prizes

IV. Deadline of Submission of Entries: November 25, 2009

Entries must be submitted in the following format:

• Published Photo mounted on illustration board ( black side up)
• At the back of the entry ( white side), write name of photographer, address, mobile number and entry title.
• Submit your entries at:

Newtrends International Corporation
2254 Kampri Bldg
Pasong Tamo Street
Makati City, Philippines

Attention: Timex Run Photo Contest

Paging Doc Marvs, Argo, Ace, Pio, Patrick… madami kayo eh… sali na!!! =D

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ITBS vs Me

August 17, 2009 25 comments

ITBS (Iliotibial Band Syndrome) has been plaguing me for weeks. But looking back, I think it started when I joined my first LSD with Takbo.Ph last March 2009. Although I felt the ITBS pain after the run, I was more concerned then with my shin splints. Maybe its because I don’t know what ITBS was back then, I just ignored it.

But after hearing ITBS from fellow runners , , and . And having searched the Net for what it was. I suddenly had this understanding of what not to do to avoid ITBS.

Then came our Km0 to Km56 LSD last August 2, 2009. Now for me, the consequence of doing an LSD is that it will give you more pain than running an official race or even doing a bandit. Why so? Because in an LSD, your running space is limited to the sides of the road which is most of the time uneven.

What I didn’t expect that night was the symptoms of ITBS around KM30. I tried to walk/jog it off upto the next pit stop at WalterMart Dasmarinas, Cavite. But when we started running again, the pain was so unbearable I have to tap-out around KM33-KM34.

ITBS – 1, RodRunn3r – 0

After that LSD, I was already thinking of downgrading my KROUR from 15K to 5K. You know, just to not aggravate the injury. But then again, I already promised to pace some Takbo.Ph peeps specifically , , & . And since it’s chikka pace and ‘s 15K target is 2hrs30mins, bahala na si Lord.

KROUR raceday… I was at the race site around 5:30pm. No, it’s not the excitement. It just so happens that I have work that day and the office closed at around 4:30pm. Since I have my running gear with me, I just decided to go to the race site early to mingle with my friends and to have my gait analyzed at as well.

5mins before the 15K gunstart. , and was with me at the starting pen. But soon after the gunstart was fired, was the only one I was pacing. As soon as we made our first turn, I checked out on . then told me that was pacing her and she said she will be alright.

And so I concentrated on being ‘s pacer, for this was her first 15K. was also pacing with me upto Bayani Road near Heritage park. Somewhere along the way, suddenly upped his pace. I don’t know why… but it seems like he saw . Ehurm…

Once inside the Heritage Park Cemetery, there was this eerie kind of feeling as almost all suddenly went silent. And what a good place and timing for my ITBS symptoms to re-appear.

And so there I was, running on the most flat surface area of the route. Trying to avoid the banks and gutters. It was ME against the ITBS once again. And I’m not going to let it stop me from finishing this race.

I tried everything to keep my mind off from the pain. From playing with my bracelet, to pushing , to saying “Hi” to every I know, to dousing myself with , everything…

Nearing the last 1K was already telling me that she can’t run anymore. Adik?!? Konti na lang eh, ngayon pa nag-inarte??? And so I pushed her some more. From targeting , to targeting the last station, to targeting the 3 intersections, to the last corner, to the last corner, to the finish line…

As we turned towards the finish line, I saw the timer at 2 hrs 00 mins 42 secs. So I pushed even more… I told her, “Wag na natin paabutin ng 2:01 yun timer”. And with all what was left on ‘s strength, she raced with me towards the finish line. And we crossed it under 2:01…

After making sure that was okay. I ran back to check on . And was able to join/pace her together with , , , , , at the last hydration station (Essensa).

Approximately 500M to the finish line, I chanced upon a runner hobbling near the sidewalk. I slowed down a bit and checked to see if she was okay. I never got the chance to introduce myself to her… baka sabihin gumagamit ako ng pick-up line… Instead, I tried talking to her about the race, about looking for an even surface to run on, about the stupid who keeps on at our back. When made a sign at the last turn, I ran towards to join/pace her with the group upto the finish.

We formed a shape nearing the finish line and let cross the line on her own because it was her FINISH…

ITBS – 1, RodRunn3r – 1

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