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Your Garmin just died… Now what?!?

November 24, 2009 7 comments

Bummer… I’ve been searching the net for authorized service centers here in Manila. No such luck… =(

But for the MacGyver in us, there’s always hope.
And I found a site on how to dismantle a Garmin. Eeekkk!!!
And hopefully help in knowing its components. =)

Here’s the link:

Dismantle the Garmin Forerunner 205

I’ve never tried it as I have no Garmin to dismantle.
So… use at your own risk!!!

Do take note that the battery is soldered. If you plan to replace the battery, it needs to be de-soldered first.

Btw… MacGyver just called. He said, If you happen to own a messed up Garmin, give him a holler. I think he has some hope for you.


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How To Clean Your Running Shoes

August 8, 2009 8 comments

I was never really a fan of clean rubber shoes.

It started way back when I was in grade school. Whenever I get a new pair, I mask the new shoes by intentionally wiping some dirt on it. You know… just to avoid the schoolmates from noticing it, because if they do they’d be stepping on it every chance they get.

Currently, I have 4 running shoes. 3 pairs are dirty as I don’t wash or clean them except for the soles. 1 pair is new and very very clean.

When I saw my daughter’s dirty rubber shoes I told her, “Why don’t you clean your shoes?”. She answered, “Dad, I only have 1 dirty rubber shoes. You already have 3 and I don’t even see you cleaning them”. Ehurm….

So after a futile attempt from me to tell my daughter to be responsible backfired. Like a grade school student, I began to search the net on how to clean them running shoes.

And here’s what I got:

1. If possible, remove the sock-liner or insole and wash it separately. This will help make the inside of your shoe fresher. Laces can be washed or replaced.

2. Surface dirt such as mud and grit can be cleaned off with an old toothbrush or nail brush, a little warm water and a gentle, anti-grease soap. This should take care of the dirt, and is fine to do once in a while.

3. To dry your shoes, don’t place them near a heating device such as a radiator. Direct heat will alter the shape of the shoe. Open out the shoe and then stuff the inside with kitchen paper or newspaper. The paper will absorb the dampness inside the shoe. A shoe takes about twelve hours to dry out.

Alrighty then… It’s time to put those words into action…

Be right back, I have 4 dirty rubber shoes to clean.

3 is mine, 1 is my daughter’s. Ehurm…

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My Finish Time is off?!? WHYYYYYY!!!!!

June 10, 2009 16 comments

OA naman ‘to… tahan na… I’ll try to explain why.

See my finish time in Condura? It says, 2:31.29. But when the official time results came out it said 2:30.17. What gives?

This past week, I interviewed (naks! ganun level na!) one of the guys (let’s call him JR) who installs those timers that we see in the start/finish line area.

According to JR, the discrepancy (sometimes missing) between the timers and the official time is due to the following factors…

  1. the timer in the start/finish line area is not synchronized with the time in the computer where the database of runners names are stored.
  2. although they synchronize the timer and the computer when the race starts, eventually they will be out-of-sync during the race.
  3. if clickers were used during the race. the person whose task is to click, did not click at the right moment when the runner steps into the finish line.
  4. if clickers were used during the race. the person forgot to click, period.
  5. the person who collects the barcodes from the bib misplaced your number.
  6. the person who collects the barcodes from the bib dropped your number & placed it next to the number of the runner that was behind you moments ago.

Now, JR said it’s hard to get the accurate time. The most accurate time we can get is when we use those sophisticated Timing Chips. It records your time once you step out of the starting line and stop once you reach the finish line. And since its sophisticated, be ready to shell out more for the registration.

Me, I don’t really rely on those timers. I just use my watch’s timer; that I start once I step out of the starting line and stop once I reach the finish line. Just like the Timing Chip, only manual. And besides, I’ll just be running. And for me, to finish the race is more important, time is secondary.

Okay ka na? O sya, takbo pa…

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Hydration Tips for Race Organizers (Part 2)

June 5, 2009 2 comments

I would like to thank EIRE and an ANONYMOUS friend for this. Their comments gave me the push to make a follow up on my “Hydration Tips for Race Organizers” post.

Eire commented…

“i mentioned in my blog about the ie8 run about pieces of plastic cups strewn about, and how i don’t feel so good about that. well, i was thinking, with this idea of yours, once you’re done with your water, you can just tuck the empty plastic bag in your pocket or what-have-you, and throw it properly later 😀 also, plastic bags can carry much more water than cups 😛 i’m sold to the idea :D”

Sabi nga ni Kris Aquino… “kuuuuurrrek!!!

In the few races I’ve joined, I always look at the plastic cups scattered on the road and tell myself… “delikado yun ah!

I mean, the used cups were scattered and the road is wet. Whenever I get water from the stations, I always slow down. Not because I wont be able to get water if I don’t slow down. But because I might step on the cups scattered and I might end up lying on the floor. Angfanget ‘di ba? And ang kalat!


I also saw few races where wet sponges were used to cool-off the runners…
I say, drop it… save the money… use the iced water instead.

Nakakapagod din pala mag-blog…

But for the love of running, here’s my idea on how to make this work.

1. Organizers should invest on at least 3 large plastic ice tub coolers per water station. This will be a one time investment and can/will be used on other races.

2. Prepare the “iced water” to be (because it’s not yet cold) a day before the race.

3. On race day, at least 1 hour before gun start. Put in position the ice tubs. Fill half of it with “iced water”. Then cover it with ice. The water should be cold by the time the runners reach the water stations.

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Want to lose weight, fast?

June 2, 2009 15 comments

Sometime 2003, I tried doing a “Cleansing Diet” that made me lose 50lbs in 2 weeks.

What’s on the menu?

The 1st week…

No beef, pork, fish, chicken & anything cooked. Only fresh vegetables, fruits and lots of water. And water should be the alkaline kind.

A word of caution though if you want to try this. Don’t mix vegetables with fruits in one sitting. I mean, if you’ll have vegetables for breakfast, just eat vegetables. If you’ll have fruits for lunch, just eat fruits. Why? Because fruits are easier to digest than vegetables and you might not want to confuse your system. But, you can eat as many fruits & vegetables you want.

How about the seeds? Yes, if you think you can eat it the seeds then go ahead. Tip#1: Eat seeds like a bird. Tip#2: Love your blender.

Drink lots of water too.

First two days in this diet was easy. The third day I was having headaches because of withdrawal symptoms. On the fourth & fifth day, I was already losing weight.

The real challenge here was the 2nd week.

No veggies. No fruits. Only WATER.

The drastic drop in weight was really evident. Although it felt good losing weight, my skin was dry and I look sick.

I’ve never done it again. I don’t recommend it. I just want to share it with you.

I stay away from oily, fatty foods and try to eat healthy. I still eat what I like, I eat what I want. Better di ba?

Don’t starve yourself. Me? I’d rather eat. I’d rather run.

Want to lose weight? Takbo tayo!

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another "AHA!!!" moment?!?

May 18, 2009 4 comments

Yes, just when I thought that I already imparted a crazy idea that could revolutionize runs. Another one came up.

But, I’m still thinking about it if I really have to impart this “next” idea of mine.

It’s very close to the HYDRATION TIPS post, that’s why I’m still having second thoughts.

Decisions… decisions…

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Hydration Tips for Race Organizers

May 15, 2009 19 comments

An “AHA!!!” moment came up to me the other day.

While reading different running blogs about their not so great experience during BOTAK PAA-RUSA… este BOTAK PAA-TIBAYAN race. I asked myself, how the *#!& does these race organizers compute how much they would spend on the hydration of a race???

BALDRUNNER gave me a very clear idea about it in his blog post. Thanks, General!!!

But maybe, some race organizers feel like not really spending for the runners hydration.


What if I tell you that my “AHA!!!” moment will cost race organizers less than 2,000 petot per 500 runners?

What if I tell you that my “AHA!!!” moment has a very PINOY feel into it?

Will you give me a hug if and when you see me? 🙂

Okay.. enough with the suspense… pati ako na-e-excite…

Kids… I present to you the good old fashioned yet very effective…


it’s iced tubig, you know???

Don’t laugh… I’m serious about it.

If you saw me carrying an Iced Tubig during that race, you might have traded your I-pod for it.

Okay then, maybe not.

I’ll just slow down and wait for you to collapse. And then I’ll get your I-pod… and your shoes… =)

Just kidding…

But think about it. This will save you the hassle of pouring water on cups during races. Less mess. You just have to half fill them with water before the race. Position them at water stations before the race starts. Water you get from wherever, we runners don’t care.

But then again you have sponsors for these, right? You can even put Gatorade or PowerAde or Rush or VitWater, you know?!?

And you just have to fill half of it, so that it will be easy to hold. And light enough to throw at them hecklers.

The only problem is the te-ma-arts.

te-ma-arts: Ewwwww… what’s that? You think i’ll drink from that yucky plastic tubig?
rod.runner: Ay lech… dagukan kita diyan eh.

Now for the computation. Get your pens & papers… this will get intense.

Let’s make an example based on a full marathon which will need 20 water stations.

So if you have the following:

num_of_runners = 500
num_of_stations = 20

cost_of_plastic = P10/100 pcs
cost_of_plastic = P0.1 per piece (based on Aling Loleng’s tindahan sa corner)

num_of_container = num_of_runners * num_of_stations
num_of_container = 500 * 20
num_of_container = 10,000

total_cost = num_of_container * cost_of_plastic
total_cost = 10,000 * P0.1
total_cost = P1,000

See?!? P1,000 lang!!!

How many registrants does it take to come up with P1,000?!?!

But please, if in case this will be considered. Don’t put Iced Tubig in the freebies.

Okay now… where’s my hug? *tissue please… nosebleed*

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